Shop and Donate Free!

FCCF announces a new and free way to donate. Visit our new home page and click on OneCause, a link to hundreds of brand name stores that will give a percentage of their profits to the nonprofit organization of your choosing.

Looking for that unique gift? Shutterfly offers a nice 7% charitable donation. Check out the 4% Reebok is offering. As a group, we could make those percentages add up! Many of the stores offer great sales & incentives to get your business.

If Amazon is your favorite site, shop Amazon at OneCause to give to FCCF. Booking a trip? Click the OneCause button on our home page and cyber fly to Expedia to earn 1.25% of your travel costs for FCCF.

There is no cost to you. The percentage is donated by the stores to FCCF. OneCause offers secure online processing and they guarantee not to sell your information.

Sign up as a member and select Four County Community Foundation as your charity. Then browse for your favorite stores and shop like any other online purchase. Your store will automatically donate a percent directly to FCCF. Fund raising by shopping is a numbers game. The more people on the team, the more funds are donated. It all adds up. (Think Christmas! Think birthdays!)

OneCause is earning thousands of dollars for organizations. Current statistics are reported as $211,544,991 in contributions supporting:

  • 69,435 schools
  • 6,923 nonprofit causes
  • 674,735 supporters
  • 787 online merchants

As you can see, we need to increase the tally for the "nonprofit causes." Schools lead in contribution numbers. The key? Schools are a hub of activity that pull people together so one person tells another person and so on. So shop and tell your friends about > OneCause


What other organizations are fund raising on OneCause? The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, the Acumen Fund, Half the Sky Foundation, the American Endowment Foundation, and many food banks, schools and other nonprofit organizations to name a few.

Here's your challenge: tell two friends to go to > OneCause. If everyone did a little shopping, we'd be well on our way towards building free donations. (Think about that anniversary coming up!)

While we can have fun by raising "free" funds, we seriously want to thank you for your support and the shopping you do at > OneCause to support the Foundation. We are a better community because of people like you. Now, shop 'til you drop!

If you have questions, call Sue (an excellent online shopper) at the FCCF office. (810) 798-0909.

10 Reasons to Give