Supporting Our Local Economy:
The Agri-Tourism Project

In 2006 Four County Community Foundation's CEO, Janet Bauer, attended an important meeting on small town and rural development. It was a plan for taking action to bring out what is good and unique about small towns–and ways to plan and grow growth.

Under the direction of Janet Bauer, Four County Community Foundation spearheads the Home Town Treasures brochure and marketing project. Since 2007, more people have asked for the brochure and merchants are asking to be added to the list. The brochure is increasing awareness of our local businesses and the advantages of locally grown food.

It isn't all work! There are many events and festivals that are designed for the historians, family fun and hobbies. We hope you have discovered some of our home-town markets, if not, this is a great time to shop and experience our local treasures.

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